Saturday, May 24, 2014

NYFE Promoters Talk About Their Upcoming Show


The next big amateur MMA show in New York City is the New York Fight Exchange's June 7 event at the Amazura Nightclub in Jamaica, Queens. The card looks fantastic, and thus far NYFE has been churning out some strong, entertaining shows.

Here's a video preview featuring promoters Tom Sconzo and Mike Washington talking about what's in store. Check it out.

Dude Thinks Doctors Aren't Needed at Fight Shows


My Deadspin article on amateur MMA in New York generated a good bit of discussion, but one opinion is a curious one. A commenter thinks that having a doctor ringside is overkill, and that a paramedic there is just as good.

His quote:

Another Old Manup Standup Fight


The expansion of the New York amateur scene has had an inverse effect on the "underground" fights on the Big Apple, so we're seeing less and less Underground Combat League and Manup Standup installments than years past. Which is... sad. A UCL or MUSU is like the Forbidden Fruit of Eden - good to take a bite of every once in a while, just don't let God catch you.

Anyway, here's an old MUSU fight from 2010. Relish it.