Thursday, September 11, 2008

MMA Continues to Thrive in New York

Worried about the prospect of never seeing mixed martial arts in New York? Concerned over the Zuffa-promoted bill that legislators pushed to the backburner earlier this year? Afraid that the sport will never take hold in the Empire State? Fear not! There are no less than three under-the-radar amateur MMA shows on tap for the near future, and the events - scheduled for three different parts of the state - are sure to provide enough action to satisfy any action-hungry fan's appetite. Stay tuned to MMA Journalist for more on these underground shows after they happen.

Notes from EliteXC's Kimbo Slice/Ken Shamrock Conference Call

EliteXC hosted a conference call this afternoon for their upcoming CBS "Saturday Night Fights" card, and on hand were main event fighters Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock. While both men remained courteous and gentlemanly throughout the telephonic meeting, there was a distinct pallor of tension in the air, as evidenced by the following select quotes:
  • "Mister Slice is, I daresay, a formidable foe, but my skills at pugilism will prove superior." - Ken Shamrock
  • "We are in for a donnybrook, chaps. A right donnybrook." - Kimbo Slice
  • "The world shall see a Shamrock well-trained and well-prepared. I am feasting on plates of beef steak and roasted chicken daily." - Ken Shamrock
  • "He may have his finely-prepared meats, but I have my diet of freshly-baked bread to rely on." -Kimbo Slice
  • "Mister Slice and esteemed coach Bas Rutten are in for a surprise, for no amount of training can prepare a man for the fisticuffs Mister Slice and I will engage in." - Ken Shamrock
  • "Best of luck to you, old chap. Best of luck." -Kimbo Slice