Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fun Fact: TUF 10 Competitor James McSweeney Got Smoked By Ricardo Romero Right Before The Show

Here's a little fun fact for you: TUF 10 competitor James McSweeney, whose striking and incoherent manner of speaking has seen him survive to the season's semifinals, fought at ROC 24 in April - right before entering the TUF house - and the Brit got absolutely smoked. The man doing the smoking? Top Northeast fighter Ricardo Romero, a heavy-handed wrestler with only one loss to his record (a disqualification for punting an opponent's head into the audience). So next time your friend start espousing the belief that TUF is comprised of the best fighters, gently remind them of McSweeney, who came into the competition fresh off a humiliating to Romero, a fighter far more skilled and better in the cage. And then kick your friend in the groin.