Friday, March 14, 2014

More UFC 171 Preview Vids


UFC 171 graces our televisions tomorrow night, and though I'll be cageside at the NYFE show in Queens doing my thing there, I most definitely will come home afterwards and watch all the Octagon action (which you will have already seen by that time - don't spoil it for me, please).

In the spirit of the UFC fun we'll have at various times tomorrow night, here are a bunch of preview videos for the event.

Manup Standup vs. the UFC?


Okay, now this video makes sense.

It seems New York City-based underground fight league Manup Standup is having a bit of a dust-up with the folks at the UFC. Novell Bell, MUSU's promoter, trademarked a logo for his organization that includes an octagonal shape - and as everyone knows, the UFC owns all things with eight sides (including stop signs and this Chuck Norris flick from the '80s).

Here's Bell's logo:

New York State Senate Still Likes MMA


It literally means almost nothing, but it's a good gesture nonetheless. The New York State Senate, which every years takes a pair of scissors and a marker to the governor's annual budget proposal and cuts and adds what they think is important, has opted to include MMA in their suggested edits this year.

The entirety of the reference to the sport is: "Part VV: The Senate advances language to allow mixed martial arts in the state of New York."

That's it. And like I said, it doesn't mean much, especially since for the past few years the MMA bill has been breezing through the Senate. But hey, it's the thought that counts - right?