Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Collection of News Haiku

So much news, so little time to digest it all.  But fear not, as MMA Journalist has the more salient points of what’s going on in the sport today in easy-to-swallow haiku form.  Get zen, people.

    • Chael Sonnen’s big mouth/ made 117 huge.  White and/ Silva should thank him.
    • Paul Daley got just/ 30 days for punching Josh/ post-fight.  What a joke.
    • If you thought Mike Swick/ had bulimia, you were/ wrong.  Close, but still wrong.
    • Anderson is out/ for the rest of the year.  The/ reason: CHAEL SONNEN.
    • Matt Hughes is out too./  He has to hide in the woods/ and shoot some animals.
    • Bellator files suit/ against Zuffa.  Why do that? / Because it sounds cool.