Monday, March 8, 2010

Observations From My Couch: WEC 47 "Munchkin Carnage"

    • Bart Palaszewski took a beating but he got the job done.  Barely.
    • LC Davis and Deividas Taurosevicius did virtually nothing to each other.  Did Davis get the nod via coin toss?
    • Scott Jorgensen… beast.  Pure beast.
    • Who is Danny Castillo and why is he in the WEC?
    • I don’t know what hurts more: seeing Jens Pulver lose, or seeing him cry afterwards. 
    • Remember that fearsome, nigh-unbeatable Miguel Torres who ruled the 135-pound division with an iron fist?  Where did he go?
    • Dominic Cruz was entertaining as hell.  So was Brian Bowles, but only because he got punched a lot.

Evolution AMMA Postscript

Steve Katz runs a smooth ship so everything was organized and concise, right down to the fight card and bios given to the press.  Eric Fleming and Lee Burrell had a very competitive bout, and although Burrell didn't tap, the armbar stoppage was justified - a ref isn't supposed to let an amateur get his fully-extended arm broken, is he?  Noel Arcibal looked solid, but the "beast of the night" award definitely has to go to Jungle Gym's Bobby Ascolillo with his 43-second rear naked choke on his standing opponent.  Good stuff.