Tuesday, February 22, 2011

April 16th CFFC Card Shaping Up to be HOLY CRAP THAT'S AWESOME

The Cage Fury Fighting Championship is gearing up for another installment, and preliminary peeks at the April 16 card show glimpses of pure awesomeness.  According to matchmaker Arias Garcia (of the Clan McGarcia), some of the pairings include:

  • Andre Gusmao vs. Tim Williams – CFFC 7’s main event will feature capoeira-based striker Andre Gusmao against undefeated submission ace Tim Williams.  Some may remember Gusmao from his brief (i.e., unsuccessful) run in the UFC, but the dude was an absolute mass murderer in the IFL, dropping opponents left and right with complete and utter confidence.  As he’s also a full-fledged member of the Renzo Gracie/Ricardo Almeida School for Gifted Youngsters, you just know he’s experienced on the ground, so this bout is where the “Tim Williams Hype Machine” gets tested.
  • Lester Caslow vs. Eddie Fyvie – These two are virtual carbon copies, with Pellegrino MMA rep Lester Caslow favoring protracted wars and the veteran Eddie Fyvie showing slightly more accurate boxing.  Both are solid on the ground, though, and as Caslow is polishing up his striking with a kickboxing bout at Combat at the Capitale between now and April 16, you can expect literally anything to happen when they fight.
  • Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Noah Faunce – At the last CFFC, Nah-Shon Burrell schooled Craig Thieme with crisp stand-up and got the stoppage when it became clear their bloodbath was only going to get bloodier.  This time around Burrell gets a crack at Combat Academy up-and-comer Noah Faunce, who mixes wrestling with repeated punching to the face, so the big questions of the night will be a) Can Burrell keep it on the feet and work his magic? b) Can Faunce get him down and keep him there? c) How much blood is going to be spilled before the ref waives it off?
  • James Funaro vs. Billy Dee Williams – A pair of experienced amateurs fighters will turn pro in this match-up, with James Funaro bringing smooth subs to the cage and Williams bringing heavy leather.  This one should be a very decent scrap, as both men are hungry – and no one wants to lose their first pro bout.  (Note: no Lando Calrissian jokes were harmed in the making of this post.)