Monday, November 23, 2009

Observations From My Couch: UFC 106 "Ultimate Meh"

  • George Sotiropoulos. George Satiropoulos. George Safetypopulace. George Satonahippopotamus. Tehe.
  • Did Brian Foster completely and utterly own Brock Larson or what? That was like watching an adult fight a child.
  • I guarantee you Kendall Grove's post-UFC celebration involved a bong. I guarantee it.
  • Did Ben Saunders murder Marcus Davis? Has anyone heard from Davis since that night?
  • No one fights hard, gasses and goes out on their shield quite like Phil Baroni.
  • Little Nog in the hizzouz!
  • Paulo Thiago fought who?
  • I think Josh Koscheck and Anthony Johnson had a gentleman's aggreement to commit every foul in the book. If it lasted another round, someone was going to get bitten for sure.
  • Please, God, no more of Tito Ortiz fighting Forrest Griffin. Please.

Observations From My Couch: Strikeforce Challengers "Yoko Got Squashed"

  • Congrats to Chad Vance for sticking to just training wrestling for MMA competition. It takes courage to get into the cage knowing you only have one piece of the puzzle and that you're going to get your ass kicked.
  • Yay! Rafael Cavalcante is back on track as a tough and fearsome light-heavyweight. If he keeps winning, he'll earn the chance to get killed by Gegard Mousasi in no time.
  • Erik Apple may have lost, but it's hard to feel bad for a guy when you know he's got a harem of smoking-hot women to "comfort" him. Seriously, have you seen his collection of babes?
  • Kim "Yoko Ono" Couture got squashed. Somewhere, someone must have felt bad for her. Or not.
  • Must care about Tyrone Woodley... must care... about Tyrone Woodley... *Sigh* Sorry, guys. I just can't.

Underground Combat League "The Perfect Storm" Postscript

With the number of fights and the quality of the action, this installment (called "The Perfect Storm") was definitely one of the top three UCLs ever.  Chris Corr and Alejandro Richardson had an amazing battle on the ground, Lionheart and Chris Lorenzo had a huge crowd-pleasing war, Marwin Roque was smooth as hell, pornstar Buck McWinters was dominant, and Peter Storm and Rashad Clarke put on a very entertaining scrap.  As this event seemed more "vale tudo" than usual and a few fighters ended up with cuts that needed medical attention, fans got to watch the doctors stitch guys up at ringside.  So that was a plus.  I think.  Actually, it was pretty gnarly.  But the Perfect Storm was great.