Friday, August 24, 2007

Rise of the Rockstar

Rumor has it the winner of the Joe Stevenson/Kurt Pellegrino bout at UFC 74 will be in line for a title shot if beleaguered lightweight champ Sean Sherk is stripped for juicing. Sure, Stevenson is some West Coast submission hotshot, and a King of the Cage champ before winning TUF 2, but I can tell you one thing that he's not. He's not a rockstar. And without a doubt, Pellegrino - who parlayed a wrestling background into an MMA career before getting his BJJ black belt - is a bonafied rockstar. While honing his skills on the East Coast circuit, the man known as "Batman" fought in everything from Reality Fighting to Ring of Combat, the MFC and the AFC, and his style and presence was such that he simply could not fight without female fans rushing the apron and throwing their panties into the ring. Do you know what it's like to see young girls faint as he makes his entrance? Do you have any idea how disconcerting it is to have ladies go into a frenzy, or cry, or beg for Batman's autograph when you're trying to take notes? I kid you not, at MFC 4, when Pellegrino defeated Sergei Goliaev via choke, some woman actually asked him to sign her breasts. Can you fathom how distracting that is? In terms of skills, Stevenson and Pellegrino match up nicely. But in terms of rockstar status... well, how many women out there have a picture of Stevenson tattooed on their ass? Enough said.