Monday, June 2, 2014

Talking New York MMA on BK Live


Last week "Sambo" Steve Koepfer and I appeared on BK Live, a show produced by Brooklyn Independent Media and filmed at their brand-spankin' new studio in Downtown Brooklyn. What did we talk about? New York MMA of course.

Watch the video after the jump.

Watch Bellator Vet Phillipe Nover Do Something Gnarly


Phillipe Nover has long been a cornerstone of the Northeast MMA scene - he came up through the local ranks when the local ranks were barely even established, and he's fought in the UFC and Bellator and was a runner-up on a season of The Ultimate Fighter.

The dude is also a medical professional with years of experience, so this gnarly thing he's about to do in the video... DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME.

NYFE 3 Primer: Bantamweight Contender Mike Kuhn


Twenty-six-year-old West Islip native Mike Kuhn will be stepping up to the plate big time on Saturday night, as he takes on fellow top bantamweight contender Elijah Punzone at New York Fight Exchange 3 for a shiny new championship belt. 

Who is Kuhn and what's he all about? To get some insight, The MMA Journalist reached out to him, and Kuhn was gracious enough to reply. Read and enjoy.

The Latest Clip From the Gerald Javier Documentary


Here's the latest clip from the documentary on Aggressive Combat Championship king Gerald Javier, courtesy of 750 Sq. Feet. Caution: there's some gnarly stuff going on with the bottom of a foot, so the video might not be for the squeamish.