Monday, May 14, 2012

The Most Uninspired UFC on Fuel TV 3 Preview Ever

The UFC returns to Fuel TV tomorrow night for another installment of... zzzzzz...zzzzz...  Hnh?  Oh, yeah, ahem.  Another fight show that looks like the matchmaking was done by an intern while Joe Silva was off getting burritos for the staff.  You know, when I was writing for MMAConvert I had to at least feign some level of interest in these things, but now that it's just me and my blog, I no longer have to pretend.  Seriously, this UFC on Fuel TV 3 card makes me wonder if getting Fuel TV added to my cable package was worth it, and maybe I shouldn't make decisions while drunk on hand sanitizer?  I dunno.  Anyway, since the lineup is uninspiring by a factor of about ten, here's a preview indicative of my interest level.  At the top of the list are the things that will be occupying my mind tomorrow; the further down the list, the less the number of fucks given.
  1. Dustin Poirier vs. the Korean Zombie - If you saw "Fightville", you got to see Poirier up close, and the kid is likable as hell.  Skilled, too.  The Korean Zombie, however, that's my man right there, and he's got skill and charisma for days.  This is a tough one to predict and a tough one to pick who to root for, so I'm just going to say that it should be fun and well worth the price of admission.
  2. Don Cerrone vs. Jeremy Stephens - After the way Nate Diaz handled Jim Miller, I don't really hold it against Cerrone for getting badly beaten Diaz as well.  And for a while there, Cerrone was kicking ass and taking names something fierce.  Stephens has always impressed me, but "Cowboy" was a top WEC dude and is way more of a killer.  I'm picking Cerrone to hack Stephens to bits. 
  3. How does Amir Sadollah still have a job? - I mean, really, when has he looked impressive?  And at this stage, it's starting to get annoying that he keeps getting tossed softballs after losing to top-flight competition.
  4. Should I box tomorrow or work my chest? - I worked triceps today, so maybe I should box for the cardio.  Besides, Tyler Durden would probably suggest I do cardio...
  5. Rafael dos Anjos vs. Kamal Shalorus - It's probably unfair to these guys that their most memorable moments in the cage were when they got crushed by Jeremy Stephens and Jim Miller, respectively.  But at least they're memorable, right?  I mean, I've seen Yves Jabouin fight a few times now and I couldn't tell you a damn thing about how his fights went.
  6. Wait, there's a Strikeforce this weekend? - Man did Scott Coker fall off the face of the Earth.  You'd think the dude was in witness protection or something.
  7. You know, we still haven't seen a "Dongbar" from Dongi Yang yet - I feel cheated.
  8. Leftover meatloaf makes for a solid lunch - I'm talking in a sandwich, with the bread some kind of eight-grain pocket thingy, and maybe some mayo.  Yeah, baby, that's the stuff.