Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dead Serious MMA: Nate Fultz vs. Hillel Dombroff


Dead Serious MMA: Mike Trizano vs. Gio Sanfratello


Dead Serious MMA: Vic Anteqieta vs. Jake Freidland


Dead Serious MMA: Javier Colon vs. Bryan Santay


What Are You Doing Tonight?


I'm going to be cageside for the Dead Serious amateur MMA show in North Bergen, N.J., but in case you're home and hankering for some action, and you don't want to wait for the top fights on the World Series of Fighting card on NBCSports, then you might want to check out Metamoris 3.

See Cris Cyborg Lose a Muay Thai Bout


She may be one of the baddest female MMA fighters on the planet, and the last legitimate opponent to Ronda Rousey, but Cris Cyborg isn't invincible. Last night, she took on a vastly more experienced kickboxer at Lion Fight 14 for a championship belt in Muay Thai, and though Cyborg fought valiantly, she pretty much got her ass kicked.

Observations From My Couch: Bellator 114


  • Bubba Jenkins needs to adopt a pseudonym and a disguise for a while. There's way to much hype attached to him that he's not living up to, and he needs a ton more fights before he gets good.
  • I could have sworn Will Martinez looked like he was nursing some sort of leg injury, especially in the third round. Do anyone else see that?
  • It doesn't matter if Daniel Weichel wins the featherweight tournament - he'd get slaughtered by the other 145 pounders who currently reside at or near the top.