Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mike Swick vs. Dan Hardy to Determine Who's Not Ready for GSP and Who's Really Not Ready for GSP

According to rumors, TUF 1 veteran Mike Swick and British hair casualty Dan Hardy will likely be facing at UFC 105 to determine who's not ready for Georges St. Pierre and who's really not ready for Georges St. Pierre, with the winner facing (and getting slaughtered by) the welterweight champ at a later date. Unless every other 170-pound fighter on the planet is somehow injured or otherwise busy, it's a match-up that makes little sense, as neither man has defeated a big enough "name" fighter to warrant top contender status. Regardless, thanks to St. Pierre needing the money to keep up on payments for his Lexus, the bout could very well happen. Who stands the better chance of not getting smooshed for the TKO stoppage in the title bout? American Kickboxing Academy-trained Swick is a capable striker with the ability to end fights suddenly with his right cross, whereas Hardy's right hook and awful hairstyle are his best assets. But neither will be able to stuff St. Pierre's takedowns, so really, the point is moot. Hopefully, the next 170-pound contender the UFC lines up will be a more compelling threat.

ION to Counterprogram TUF 10 Kimbo vs. Nelson Episode with "Golden Girls" Marathon

In an effort to counterprogram what is sure to be a monumental ratings draw, the Christian network ION has scheduled a "Golden Girls" marathon opposite tomorrow night's highly-anticipated TUF 10 episode featuring Kimbo Slice versus Roy Nelson on SpikeTV. It's a bold move. As promised by last week's TUF episode, the former backyard brawler and IFL champ are slated to meet in the Octagon - a hefty match-up for a reality show and a pairing that could conceivably have been a headliner in any other promotion. Said an ION spokesperson, "No way should SpikeTV dominate the coveted 'men ages 18-34' demographic. Hopefully, this Golden Girls marathon will put a damper on their market share." The Golden Girls, which starred Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, Betty White and Rue McClanahan, was a late '80s sitcom featuring old people doing old stuff.