Wednesday, June 9, 2010

UFC 115 Fun Facts

Ever wonder how the baddest, most-dangerous fighter would look years after his prime?  Curious about how far a fighter can fall before a promoter is no longer willing to pay him?  Well then get ready for UFC 115: “Ultimate Has-Been”, which features a collection of really tough fighters who were at the top of their games around 2006, but now, not so much.  Tune in and watch former UFC champ Chuck Liddell get knocked out by simply touching gloves with Rich Franklin.  See Mirko CroCop lose a one-sided decision and look disinterested the entire bout.  Gaze upon the majesty that is Carlos Condit and Ben Rothwell fighting scrubs.  Anyway, here are some fun facts!

    • How much does Condit miss being the top welterweight in the WEC?  So much that he got a tattoo of the WEC belt.  Around his waist.  And it’s life-sized.  Ouch.
    • Rothwell’s bunk bed at home is adorned with vintage IFL flannel sheets, and he prefers sleeping in the top bunk.  Who’s in the bottom bunk?  Skippy the Octopus, the official mascot of the IFL team the Iowa Invertebrates.
    • Gilbert Yvel was once studying to become a Catholic priest, but he was expelled from seminary school for kicking the Pope.
    • During his glory days in Pride, CroCop described his kicks thusly: “Right leg, hospital.  Left leg, cemetery.”  He’s since changed that to, “Right leg… ouch.  Left leg… please, you’re hurting me.”
    • Remember how it was before Anderson Silva came to the UFC and Franklin was the champ?  Franklin sure doesn’t!
    • Liddell is unconscious this very moment!