Monday, October 19, 2009

Spreading the MMA Knowledge Wealth

Check out this - - in case you've been wondering what I do when not posting here. Between, and, I'm just doing my part to spread the MMA knowledge wealth.

MMA World Expo to Possibly Feature MMA and Stuff

The inaugural MMA World Expo is scheduled for this upcoming weekend at the Jacob Javitz Center in Manhattan, with the two-day event featuring what should be a ridiculous amount of MMA. Guest speakers lined up include judo stud Rhadi Ferguson, who will be conducting a seminar on what it's like being Kimbo Slice's cousin, and veteran journo Eddie Goldman, who will be talking about various styles of eyewear. Fighters scheduled for autograph sessions include Wanderlei Silva, Matt Hughes, Philippe Nover and Pete Sell, among others. Expect MMA Journalist to pay the expo a visit and liveblog the festivities.