Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why Do People Keep Fouling Glen Sandull?

At this past Friday's ROC 21 Glen Sandull took on Ricardo Romero for the light-heavyweight title, and in the heat of battle Romero soccer-kicked the wrestler-turned-fighter in the dome when Sandull was on all fours. The result was a win via disqualification for the AMA Fight Club/Team Renzo representative, a shiny new ROC championship belt, and an exit from the cage on a stretcher. But this was, unfortunately, not the first time Sandull's been fouled in an MMA bout - Carlos Cline repeatedly up-kicked Sandull in their October of 2004 Reality Fighting bout, and Sherman Pendergarst whacked him over the head with a two-by-four in their April of 2006 Sportfighting bout. What is it about Sandull that makes opponents want to disregard the Unified Rules of MMA when fighting him? "He's just so... foulable," says Braden Bice, who faced Sandull at Combat in the Cage in September of 2006, losing in the third round due to exaustion but running Sandull down with his car in the parking lot. "I mean, nothing against the guy, but when he's taking you down again and again, pounding on you like a red-headed stepchild, you just have to break the rules."

Mac Danzig May Hate Meat, But He Hates Cavemen and Dinosaurs Even More

Noted vegetarian Mac Danzig may hate meat, but he hates cavemen and dinosaurs even more, and at Wednesday night's UFN 15 Danzig will face famed dino-rider Clay Guida in a match-up that guarantees fireworks. "I really don't like any carnivores," said Danzig between bites of raw cauliflower. "And as a prehistoric man, Guida is definitely an extreme carnivore. I'm going to kick his ass and the ass of that triceratops he rides around on." The Pride FC vet and lightweight TUF 6 winner, who trains at Xtreme Couture and eats things like radishes and zucchini in lieu of hamburgers and hot dogs, has yet to be tested in the Octagon. Guida should prove to be a tough opponent.

Anthony Johnson Loses Appeal Due to Excessive Blindness

UFC fighter Anthony Johnson, who was blatantly eye-gouged by opponent Kevin Burns at their UFN 14 clash but lost the bout via controversial TKO thanks to a referee's bad call, has had his appeal rejected by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. According to NSAC High Exalted One Keith Kizer, the reason behind the rejected appeal was "excessive blindness", as Johnson was unable to see the requisite forms to properly fill them out. Johnson has since undergone surgery for his damaged eye, and currently uses a prosthetic eyeball as well as an eye patch.