Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rich Crunkilton is a Tough Son of a Bitch

The Korean War soldier who beat back a division of Chinese with just an entrenching tool. The hiker who sawed off his own arm with a pocket knife when it became trapped under a boulder. Rich Crunkilton, who had his elbow completely wrecked by a Hermes Franca kimura, yet kept fighting until time ran out in their UFC 42 bout. History is full of tales of absolute badassery, of stories that highlight the indomitable will that man can sometimes summon, and these tales serve to inspire us. At tomorrow's UFC Lite - excuse me, WEC 30 - Crunkilton takes on lightweight champ Rob McCullough, and the skilled AKA grappler will certainly have his hands full against the deadly Muay Thai stud. But win or lose, one thing is irrefutable: Crunkilton is a tough son of a bitch.