Sunday, May 4, 2014

UFC Fight Night 40 Primer: Erick Silva Killing a Dude


When he's not get clobbered himself, Erick Silva is a pretty dangerous individual. Which is probably why he's headlining UFC Fight Night 40 on May 10 opposite Matt Brown, and definitely why the UFC made this video of one of his older fights available.

Watch if you enjoy reveling in sudden violence and the pain of others.

Watch Joel De Jesus Kick Ass at Battle Rock


I'm still working on the write-up for last night's Battle Rock Muay Thai show in Rockaway Beach, but to tide you over (yes, oceanic pun intended), here's Chok Sabai rep Joel De Jesus making Ashenefre Edmund regret his choice to ever step into the ring.

Other than two inadvertent knees to the junk, De Jesus looked pretty smooth and technical. Edmund looked... battered.

Battle Rock Muay Thai: Results