Tuesday, July 6, 2010

UCL to Feature Peter Storm vs. "I'm a Wing Chun Man!"

For those sad and depressed that the New York State Assembly failed to pass the MMA bill this year, there's still something else to look forward to: the next installment of NYC's Underground Combat League will see Peter Storm taking on Shawn "Seal the Deal" Obasi.  Both men are veterans of the scene, with Storm's last venture into combat ending with a win via heelhook and Obasi's last fight resulting in him beating some dude senseless at a cage match in Vermont.  But it's their accomplishments outside of fighting that these men are most known for, as Storm is the UCL's promoter and Obasi is the guy who went to the M-1 Global tryouts in Spanish Harlem and ended up screaming "I'm a Wing Chun man!  I will be a Wing Chun man 'till the day I die!" at the talent scouts (you can check out the footage of that on YouTube).  It's hard to build hype for an underground fight - the nature of the beast is that you never know what you're going to get until you show up - and the last time a particular UCL bout was hyped (James Funaro vs. Christian Darrow) the fight never went down.  But this one might actually happen, and if and when it does, it will be competitive.  So, yeah.  Wahoo!  (Editor's note: don't bother asking about the whens and the wheres, 'cause I ain't telling.  Just stay tuned for the liveblog.)