Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ROC 37 Preview Haikus

Ring of Combat 37 is on Friday, and you know a promotion has made it when Sherdog reporter Lufti Sariahmed tweets about whatever changes the anticipated card undergoes.  Well, MMA Journalist is going to do his part.  Not with a full-out preview, mind you, but with a collection of haikus on the fighters.  ‘Cause that’s how I roll.

  • Tom DeBlass has been/ knocking them dead as of late./  It’s time for his belt!
  • Chris Liguori and/ John Salgado will rematch./  Why? F**k you, that’s why.
  • Al Iaquinta/ and Gabe Miglioli use/ syllables like mad.
  • Little Deividas/ Taurosevicius, though, /uses them up worse!
  • Munah Holland once/ punched a man to death for fun. /  Ha! I’m just kidding.
  • Aung La Nsang is/ what?  Four syllables? Five?  Who/ knows. Dude can fight, though.
  • Shawn Obasi is/ a Wing Chun man, and he’ll die/ a Wing Chun man, man!

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