Friday, July 27, 2012

The Return of the Wing Chun Man

UCL and ROC veteran Shawn Obasi has returned, this time in a video for the Global Proving Ground.  Here's what it says in the GPG press release:

 "Welcome to Global Proving Ground, where elite fighters from all over the world come to get noticed!  Experience raw talent like never before, as you watch videos submitted by GPG athletes in their quest to get noticed!  GPG athletes show the combat sports world what they have to offer by demonstrating their fight skills in a very intense 1-2 minute video.  Fans are encouraged to vote for their favorite GPG fighter video submissions.  Winners get onto a reality TV show."

Here's Shawn's video.

My New Temp Gig

While Maggie Hendricks handles some minor sporting event called the Olympics, I'm going to be at the helm of the Yahoo! Sports "Cagewriter" blog.  So.  Check it out.  Or don't.  Blah.