Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Frankie Edgar vs. Eric Uresk


Picture if you will an underground fight show in a rundown boxing gym in the South Bronx, the venue packed with fans screaming like banshees while two very tough dudes battle it out in the ring. What I'm describing could be any number of underground fights, but in this instance, the scene is July 10, 2007, at the very Underground Combat League where Frankie Edgar made his MMA debut against Eric Uresk.

All you need to know when you watch the video after the jump is that Frankie was the underdog going into this fight and that headbutts were legal. Enjoy.

Best. UFC Poster. Ever.


Really, isn't it cool?

Flashback: Bellator 74


Bellator has been a great platform for local fighters to make a name for themselves. Case in point: Lyman Good, who was their inaugural welterweight champ. Here's a flashback to Bellator 74, when Good returned after a layoff to beat a Brit judoka named Jim Wallhead.

More NYFE 2 Vids and Pics


The NYFE 2: "Ides of March" show on Saturday kicked ass and got a bit of well-deserved press. However, I'm not done writing about it - or at least, I'm not done posting video and pics.

Already, one NYFE alum is moving on to the bigger leagues. I'm talking about Felipe Carlos, of course, who's slated to fight at the next Ring of Combat pro show in New Jersey in May.