Sunday, September 9, 2012

UCL Vet to Face WWE Champ in MMA

Pro wrestling has never been my thing, but it's still pretty cool that UCL veteran Rashid "Smash" Evans will be meeting former WWE wrestling champ "Batista" in the cage for the latter's MMA debut.  The deets are that the event is October 6, at a CES MMA show in Rhode Island.  Supposedly, Batista is a strong grappler (like, a legitimate grappler - the kind that doesn't have to whack people with folding chairs to win).  Smash, however, is a Phil Dunlap-trained fighter who specializes in beating dudes senseless, so the potential is there for carnage. 

Alas, Rhode Island is a bit too far out of my area of operations, but hopefully a New England-based journo or two will be on hand to tell us how it goes.