Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New York MMA Vote Update

I just got off the phone with Zack Lynch - the bill successfully passed through the Tourism, Arts and Sports Development Committee. Now it makes its way through the next steps, and barring any unforeseen opposition, it is expected to become law on November 1st.

New York MMA Legalization Vote Today

The New York State Tourism, Arts and Sports Development Committee will vote today on the bill to legalize pro MMA in the Empire State. As this Assembly Committee is where the bill stalled last year, this is the first and most daunting hurdle in the race to legalization, and according to 's Zack Lynch - who spoke to Assemblyman Jonathan Bing yesterday and relayed the info to MMA Journalist in a voicemail - it's looking all good in the 'hood. Bing, Assemblyman Steve Englebright (the bill's sponsor), and a few others will speak out on behalf of the sport, and while Assemblyman Bob Reilly has played the role of "crazed and irrational opponent of MMA" well since he led the charge to sink the bill, it seems his 15 minutes will soon be up. Cross your fingers, folks. After this vote, the bill gets voted on in the Assembly and the Senate, then gets signed by the governor. Then it's party time.