Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scenes From an EliteXC Presser in NYC

Kimbo Slice, Matt Hughes, Bas Rutten, Jon Murphy and free food. What more could you want?

Q & A with Urijah Faber's Nutritionist

When WEC featherweight champ Urijah Faber squares off against Jens Pulver this Sunday, it won't just be one of the smallest fighters in the world taking on another equally small dude. No, when Faber throws down, it will mark the collaborative efforts of coaches and training partners - and even a nutritionist. MMA Journalist caught up with Hans Fitzel, the man who feeds the incumbent champ, and got his perspective. Tell us about Faber's diet. What does he eat when training for a fight? During a training cycle, Urijah eats what any highly-active mammal of comparable size would eat. Namely, fresh vegetables, seeds and insects like grasshoppers. When his training cycle winds down, we try to supplement his protein and carb intake with a few grams of hamster food. You know, just to make sure he peaks energy-wise. What will he eat the day of the fight? Generally, the skin of fruits such as apples or pears - to keep his blood sugar up - and maybe some whole grain oats. Urijah often carries food in his spacious cheek pouches, so he'll mostly eat from that. Do you advocate any energy drinks or Gatorade for your fighter? Absolutely not. Urijah's tiny nervous system isn't equipped for the shock an energy drink would give him, and he has a water bottle attached to his cage that's more than enough for replenishing his fluids. What about for his post-fight celebration? Urijah seems content to munch on a gram or two of cheese. Interesting. Well, thanks for your time. Thank you.

"Saturday Night Fights" Preview Madlib

This Saturday, EliteXC makes __(noun)___ with their live network debut on CBS - the first ___(noun)____ to reach primetime television. The ___(noun)___ is headlined by Kimbo Slice, considered by many to be one of the most ___(adjective)___ heavweights in the ___(noun)____. Opponent James Thompson, on the other hand, is ___(simile)___ , and will no doubt ___(metaphor)___ once the cage door shuts. Also on the card is Phil Baroni, the ____(superlative)____ warrior ___(preposition)___ the East Coast, taking on ___(adverb)____ Joey Villasenor, while Gina Carano __(verb)___ to mix ___(anaphora)___ up with Kaitlin Young. Says EliteXC Grand Poobah Gary Shaw, "___(onomatopoeia)___ this Saturday. With Dana White ___(slang)___ and ___(expletive)____ , we're going to ___(rhetoric)____ and ____(hyperbole)____ the competition."