Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Flashback: A Bunch of Random Stuff in My Camera!


Usually I'm very meticulous about keeping track of articles and photos. Everything has clearly labeled folders marked with dates and places, so if I need to go back and look for something, it's easy to find. But then I got a new camera and promptly loaned it out, and now... disarray! Anyway, here are a bunch of pics from, gosh, a lot of different things. And since I can't figure out which folder it all belongs in, you're getting it in one mishmash of New York combat sports. Enjoy!

Attention UFC: The Kung Fu Community Wants Its Octagonal Shape Back


I have no words.


Just watch the video.

NYFE 2: "Ides of March" Preview, Part 1


The New York Fight Exchange's second show is on Saturday, and if their sophomore effort is anything like the first one, the Amazura Concert Hall in Jamaica, Queens is going to be packed with fans cheering on some very entertaining fights.

Now, given that the NYFE event is the next big MMA show on tap for New York City, it deserves some preview coverage. However, the nature of the amateur beast is such that giving a detailed breakdown of the card and its fighters could be an exercise in futility - amateur fighters aren't pros, so they could fail to make weight, fail a pre-fight physical, or even just not show up, thereby rendering a carefully-crafted preview moot.

Instead, I'm going to post some vids of the fighters who will likely (hopefully!) be in the cage come fight night. Watch them in action here, and get psyched to see them on Saturday.