Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kung Fu vs. Karate Superbout Cancelled - Why?

The eagerly anticipated kung fu vs. karate superbout slated for Friday night's KAPMMA amateur show in Newark, featuring noted anti-MMA proponent Novell Bell against Sensei Mo, was cancelled at the last minute. The reason: a panoply of New Jersey State Athletic Control Board restrictions on particular techniques and certain katas. According to a commission spokesperson, there are strict rules against "Dim Mak, Eagle Claws, the forms known as 'Monkey Takes the Peach' and 'Serpent Hides in the Cave', and the dreaded Chinese Wuxie Finger. There's also a prohibition against excessive chi, and based on a pre-fight urinalysis, Mr. Bell's chi was off the charts." It's assumed that the Bell/Sensei Mo bout will be rescheduled and moved to a venue in Alabama, where there's no athletic commission to get in the way of the use of the Death Touch.

Observations From My Couch: WEC 45 "Skadoosh!"

    • Scott Jorgensen did a fantastic job, and he’s opened the door for albinos, lepers and sufferers of psoriasis to compete and excel at the highest levels.
    • I’m not going to claim that Rani Yahya sucks at striking.  However, my 2-year-old daughter calls the elderly woman that lives next door “Ya-Ya”, and I seriously doubt that woman could throw a punch.  I’m just saying.
    • Courtney Buck is one scary-looking dude.  I hid behind my couch when he appeared on my television.
    • A Brit pulling off a Peruvian necktie?  What’s next?  An American pulling off the Chinese Wuxi Finger Hold? 
    • Skadoosh!
    • Chris Horodecki was confused and thought it was a footrace.  Anthony Njokuani was confused and thought Horodecki knew how to fight.
    • Donald Cerrone may have won the battle, but OH MY GOD ED RATCLIFF’S NUTS ARE BROKEN!

Observations From My Couch: Strikeforce's "Pure Awesomeness"

    • Mike Whitehead looked like an animal in there.  You know, like an elephant or hippopotamus. 
    • All hail King Mo!
    • Nice job on Jacare’s part for submitting the tough Matt Lindland.  Nice job on Lindland’s part for not trying to claim that he didn’t tap out (note: see Lindland vs. Murilo Bustamante).
    • Not only did Gilbert Melendez and Josh Thomson wage an epic battle, they put a ton of other top fighters in the division to shame.  That was pure awesomeness from start to finish.
    • Scott Smith vs. Cung Le is the reason people watch mixed martial arts.  It’s also the reason why Strikeforce is destined to succeed.