Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sherdog: Volleyball Powerhouse

A few weeks ago, Dana White shot a barb at Jeff Sherwood and the folks at Sherdog.com, saying they were fanboys who'd never done anything athletic in their lives. Not true. At the annual MMA media picnic, Team Sherdog has won the volleyball tournament the last three years in a row - although I'd wager that has more to do with fear than anything else. You see, the night before UFC 42 (which took place in Miami), a group of MMA journalists were out galavanting around South Beach with Josh Thomson and the boys from American Kickboxing Academy when some street thugs tried to re-enact a scene from "The Warriors". That night, while others ran, Sherwood, and his reporter Greg Savage, fought alongside Thomson and AKA, clobbering one fool with a chair and kicking another in the teeth. That sounds pretty athletic to me. Regardless of whether you agree with their opinions or not, Sherdog's been on the frontlines. They've done more than enough to earn some respect. Also, Josh Gross has a killer overhand serve.