Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Word About the UFC's Potential Afghanistan Show

It's being reported that the UFC's potential foray into Afghanistan (obviously a pretty hot warzone right now) might involve a high degree of danger for the members of the intrepid MMA promotion. To add a little color to that, MMA Journalist reached out to one of his buddies in the US Army Special Forces. Sergeant First Class "CM" is a Green Beret who's done a tour in Afghanistan, a tour in Iraq, returned to Iraq as a "civilian contractor" and will be returning to Afghanistan with his team later this year. His response when I asked him if Dana White and company are "going to get blowed up": "The chances are about zero. The bases are totally secure, multiple rings of security, locals are searched completely. They're like miniature cities. If you're on one, it doesn't even seem like you're in a combat zone, what with all the Wendy's, Pizza Huts, coffee shops, etc." In other words, unless Zuffa's setting up the Octagon at a forward observation base deep in Indian country, chances are everyone will be okay.