Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gordon Defeating LaMotte: Not An Upset, But A Forgone Conclusion

New Jersey fight circuit alum Doug Gordon subitted the highly-touted Nate LaMotte at Friday's inaugural American Steel Cagefighting event in New Hampshire, and to hear the blogosphere tell it, it was an upset of epic proportions. Sorry folks, but the outcome wasn't so much an upset as a forgone conclusion. "Flash" is actually one of the better fighters coming out of the Garden State scene (Gordon hails from Delaware). In his first MMA bout, he defeated a tough B-level fighter, and whenever he's lost it's been to either the absolute best or to superior wrestlers who got him down and kept him there. Gordon's strengths are his experience against top guys and his ability to end a bout on the feet or on the ground from the first minute to the last. Don't believe me? Google his fight against Gregor Gracie in Ring of Combat, which saw Gordon dominated for the first two rounds before he ended it with a spectacular high-kick KO in the third. Flash is the real deal, and now LaMotte and New Hampshire know what the rest of us already did: he's a killer.