Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eddie Alvarez: Superhero

Though most fans know of Eddie Alvarez from his exploits in the ring, few are aware of the slugger's career outside of mixed martial arts. Prior to his entrance into the Dream Lightweight Grand Prix in Japan, Alvarez was a superhero and crimefighter based in the Philadelphia area, with his acts of heroism taking him all over the world (and beyond). Here's a list of just a few of the former BodogFIGHT champ's more notable accomplishments: 1. Infiltrating Dr. Klaw's secret mountain lair and deactivating not one, but two doomsday devices. 2. Foiling bank robberies in London, New Delhi and Buenos Aires - all in the same night. 3. Forcing Doctor Octopus to tap out due to strikes. 4. While vacationing on Mongo, instigating a rebellion that eventually overthrew Ming the Merciless. 5. Disabling Sir Hugo Drax's space station, thereby saving the human race from extermination via nerve gas. 6. Working as a training partner for Godzilla for the giant mutant lizard's rematch against Mechagodzilla. 7. Saving over two dozen cats stuck in trees. 8. Talking the Incredible Hulk out of a rampage - and then KOing the Abomination.