Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kimbo Slice Hype Approaching Critical Mass; Internet Meltdown Imminent

Saturday's EliteXC event marked another successful outing for the promotion thanks to Kimbo Slice's marquee bout against aged veteran Tank Abbott - a bout which has generated so much hype that bloggers and webreporters alike have come dangerously close to overloading the Internet. With an estimated 2.1 million pre-show essays posted on various websites, and an estimated 6.4 billion webreports subsequent to the Kimbo/Tank fight, the former bare-knuckle boxer's hype is approaching critical mass. "A meltdown is imminent if this doesn't subside soon," said Eugene Booker, who helps maintain the Internet. "After Kimbo's 2004 fight against Sean Gannon, three of the six big, black boxes that house the Internet started smoking. Since this Saturday, all the black boxes are smoking. One even caught fire, but I poured a Mountain Dew on it and put it out." Added Booker: "If this Kimbo hype goes on for much longer, we're definitely going to lose the Internet."