Monday, August 4, 2008

Observations from My Couch: WEC 35

-Microscopic East Coast dude defeated microscopic West Coast dude. Does the WEC care that I don't know who these people are? Probably not. -Jamie Varner beat Marcus Hicks senseless in the first defense of his lightweight crown. Varner retains his title as "the best 155-pounder out there not good enough for the UFC". -Steve Cantwell's versatile striking is more powerful than Brian Stann, the Marine Corps, the United States, freedom, liberty and apple pie combined. Cantwell is now the WEC's light-heavyweight champ. Does this mean Communism has prevailed? -Josh Grispi and Brock Larson. Youch. Nice ones, guys. -Welterweight champ Carlos Condit defeated Hiromitsu Miura after a prolonged and epic battle that lasted into the fourth round. Condit managed this feat despite having really sucky judo skills.