Thursday, March 25, 2010

Predictions for Strikeforce Challengers VII "A Terminator Named Lavar"

It apparently takes more than mere bullets to stop Lavar Johnson.  Last year the Strikeforce heavyweight slugger (and Terminator model T-800) took some hot lead in the gut while at a family barbecue – a turn of events that would kill most non-cyborgs.  But instead Johnson just calmly stood up, shook it off and said, “I’ll be back.”  Well, the dude is back, and fighting this Friday on Showtime as the headliner for the latest installment of Strikeforce Challengers.  Lambast Scott Coker all you want for putting on freakshows, but I dig watching a literally unstoppable killing machine in action.  Predictions!

        • Johnson is facing Lolohea Mahe, some big 300-pound Hawaiian who is not Sarah Connor.  Mahe is doomed.
        • Top-ten 135-pound female fighter Meisha Tate is taking on Zoila Frausto.  Meisha and Zoila?  What, are they Amazon warriors or something?
        • Abongo Humphrey returns to fight George Bush III.  George Bush?  G-George B-B-Bush?  Oh no!  Joke-possibility overload!  Aaargh!
        • I’m not sure, but I think Andre Galvao might try to employ some jiu-jitsu in his bout against Luke Stewart.  That’s just a hunch, though.
        • I don’t know anything about Shamar Bailey, although it’s safe to say he got into a lot of fights in school.  Like, a lot of fights.

So Close You Can Taste It

Legalized pro mixed martial arts in New York is now so close you can taste it. Last night the State Assembly approved of a 2010-2011 budget plan that, among other things, calls for the regulation (and taxing) of MMA competitions - a move that jibes with Governor Paterson's budget proposal and the Senate's budget proposal. All that remains is for the three bodies to hammer out a compromise on their plans' other points (you now, minor things like State aid, spending, education, etc.), a process that could take a couple weeks. However, unless a giant meteor falls on Albany and destroys everything, this MMA thing is pretty much a done deal. Next at bat will be the Athletic Commission, with Chairwoman Melvina Lathan laying down some rules and regulations and hiring more staff, and the Empire State will start having some shows. Yeah, baby.