Saturday, July 7, 2012

Harley's War

Yeah, so, while Anderson Silva was shoulder-bumping Chael Sonnen in Las Vegas, this happened last night in New York City.  As the New York Post is reporting, there was an incident at the nightclub Webster Hall involving a knife, Cro-Mags founder Harley Flanagan, and some serious aggravated assault.  I don't know anything else about it, but I do know Harley, and have long considered him a friend and righteously-nice-as-hell dude.  Harley used to do commentating for some of Ed Hsu's old MMA shows, and he went on to fight in the UCL.  He even got his black belt in jiu-jitsu from Renzo Gracie last week.  I also know that there's been years and years of accumulated bad blood between him and some former bandmates, so there's that.  Anyway, as Gus Johnson would say, "These things happen in the hardcore music scene."  Or maybe he wouldn't.  I don't know.