Monday, February 28, 2011

TUF 13 Cast to Feature Dude Tom Gallicchio Recently Choked Out

This just in from the Department of There Is No Justice: SpikeTV has released the names of the cast for the thirteenth season of the Ultimate Fighter, and one of the cast members is a dude Northeast star welterweight Tom Gallicchio recently choked out.  Len Bentley is the TUFer in question, and the loss – by rear naked choke in about four and a half minutes – occurred in the final bout of the M-1 Global “Selections” 170-pound tournament back in September.  And no, the fight was not even close.  Kudos to Bentley for getting onto TUF despite the loss.  TUF 13 premieres on SpikeTV on March 30; meanwhile, Gallicchio will be flying to Moscow this week to compete against some Russian M-1 Global champ with an unpronounceable name on Saturday night. 

Observations from My Couch: UFC 127 "Ultimate From Great Heights Fall the Mighty"

  • Riki Fukuda is now seeing a rape counselor after what the judges did to him in his Nick Ring fight.
  • When Alexander Gustafsson won against local boy James Te-Huna, about one person seemed to cheer – and that was Gustafsson, and he quickly shut up and acted gloomy and morose.  Really, that’s got to blow.
  • Jason Reinhardt: still a can.
  • Ross Pearson vs. Spencer Fisher may have lacked in fireworks, but… No, actually, that’s all I have to say.
  • Kyle Noke.  Beating up TUF washouts so you don’t have to.
  • Well color me surprised, ‘cause Brian Ebersole was very entertaining.  His chest hair was a tragedy, but he kicked ass despite it.
  • Chris Tuchscherer’s best moment in his bout with Mark Hunt was the funky chicken dance he did after getting knocked out.
  • Boy did George Sotiropoulos put forth a great big pile of suck in the Octagon against Dennis Siver.  So much for cutting through the lightweight division like a hot knife through Vegemite.
  • Michael Bisping’s illegal knee to Jorge Rivera’s dome was definitely on purpose.  No one with over 24 sanctioned fights to their name makes a mistake like that.  And his spitting on Rivera’s corner just makes me want to re-watch the clip of Bisping getting KTFO’d by Dan Henderson over and over again.
  • *Googles “Michael Bisping KTFO by Dan Henderson”; watches it; sighs with satisfaction*
  • You can look at the BJ Penn/Jon Fitch fight in one of two ways: either Penn is a badass for fighting a top welterweight to a draw, or Penn is too small for the division.  Regardless, if he had even the tiniest bit of ability to fight back in the third round, that 10-8 round would’ve been a 10-9 round, and Penn would’ve gotten the decision.  And that would’ve been fine by me.  The Hawaiian will always be mighty in my book.