Tuesday, December 8, 2009

TUF 10 Finale Viewed by 6.8 Billion Humans, Plus Assorted House Pets

The TUF 1o Finale, which featured Roy Nelson knocking out Brendan Schaub to become "The Ultimate Fighter" as well as someone named Kimbo Slice, was viewed by 6.8 billion humans plus an incalculable number of assorted house pets, according to statement released by SpikeTV. Those monumental ratings, encompassing every person currently alive on planet Earth regardless of whether they had access to a television (much less the cable network SpikeTV), make the finale the most-watched installment of the popular series ever (technically, it also makes it the most-watched event in human history). Said SpikeTV producer Neil Grannenberg, "Kimbo! Kimbo! Kimbo! Ahhhhh! Kimbo is the greatest!"