Monday, September 22, 2008

Rumor: Anderson Silva to Retire from MMA to Pursue Quilting

In the grand tradition of superstar Michael Jordan leaving basketball to pursue a career in baseball and boxing great Mike Tyson leaving the ring to pursue a career in jail comes a rumor that untouchable UFC champ Anderson Silva might be contemplating a jump to the world of competitive quilting. Quilting is a sewing method where, using a needle and thread or a sewing machine, two or more layers of fabric are joined together - often to create intricate patterns. In competitive quilting, all sewing is done by hand. "Anderson will honor the fights left on his UFC contract," says manager Ed Soares. "He's been a great champion in mixed martial arts. But it's time the quilting world learns just how talented Anderson really is."

Manager Mark Dion Screws KJ Noons Out of an MMA Career

EliteXC stripped KJ Noons of his lightweight championship belt on Friday, the sad result of a dispute involving Noons' refusal to rematch against Nick Diaz and Noons' manager Mark Dion insisting that he alone should pick and choose his client's opponents. As some may remember, Dion was Brandon Vera's manager, and his efforts at playing hardball with the UFC left Vera on the sidelines for months until Vera wriggled free of Dion's clutches. Now, it's apparently Noons' turn to get screwed, as the Diaz rematch - which was initially offered as a headlining bout on a live CBS show and then on a Showtime card - would have a provided Noons with more exposure than ever. Hopefully, the promising lightweight's career will recover from this setback.