Thursday, March 5, 2009

Newark to Host ADCC Referee Seminar and Bake Sale

The esteemed Abu Dhabi Combat Club will be hosting a referee seminar and bake sale on April 5th at the Gold Team Fighters USA training facility in Newark, New Jersey for those interested in becoming an ADCC official and/or purchasing a wide selection of delicious cakes and pies. Considered the Olympics of submission grappling, the ADCC tournament attracts top-level ground specialists from around the world, with some of those grappling masters very capable of baking a number of desserts and pastries to perfection. Want to learn how to score an ADCC match? Unsure of the organization of an ADCC tournament? Curious about Jeff Monson's magic brownies or Ricardo Almeida's Boston Cream Pie? This is your chance to have all your questions answered. Anyone interested in attending should contact Richard Weling at