Monday, March 29, 2010

Observations from My Couch: UFC 111 "Please, Someone Defeat GSP Already"

    • Jared Hamman vs. Rodney Wallace was sloppy as hell, but definitely fun.
    • Only Ricardo Almeida could turn a rear naked choke into a side naked choke and win with it.  That’s a jiu-jitsu stud right there, folks.
    • Nate Diaz edged just a little bit closer to being the badass his brother Nick is, while Rory Markham edged just a little bit closer to fighting in Bellator.
    • Damn.  Rousimar Palhares wanted to take that leg home with him.
    • When a jiu-jitsu black belt has your back, has his legs figure-foured around your waist and one of your arms trapped, you’re pretty much his bitch.  Unless your name is Jim Miller.  Then that jiu-jitsu black belt is your bitch.  He just doesn’t realize it yet.
    • Jon Fitch: the second-best welterweight in the world that no one wants to watch.
    • Kurt Pellegrino gave one heck of an awe-inspiring performance in his bout against Fabricio Camoes.  Too bad about that victory dance.
    • Youngsters aspire to be comic book heroes.  Comic book villains aspire to be Shane Carwin.  Seriously, that dude was going to kill Frank Mir.
    • You know what sucks?  The fact that the measure of a welterweight’s ability and standing is based on how well they can take a beating from Georges St. Pierre.  Please, someone defeat GSP already.

Observations from My Couch: Strikeforce Challengers "Why You Gotta Keep a Brother Down?"

    • Someone please explain to me why Shamar Bailey gets poked in the eye repeatedly and when he complains is told to shut up and keep fighting, yet when the white Justin Wilcox gets an inadvertent finger in the lens he gets a recovery period and Bailey gets a warning.  Can anyone explain that one?  Damn.  Why you gotta keep a brother down, Mr. Racist Ref?
    • Meisha Tate: for when Sarah Kaufman, Tara LaRosa, Roxanne Modafferi, Takayo Hashi, Hitomi Akano and Shayna Baszler are unavailable.
    • I think Andre Galvao did enough to win.  Or, more accurately, I don’t think Luke Stewart did enough to win.  Good fight, though.
    • Every time Abongo Humphrey fights I keep hearing that corny announcer from that BET show saying, “Next, on the Ion Wing”.
    • Lavar Johnson.  Cyberdyne Systems Model 101.  Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton.