Saturday, July 9, 2011


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Battle at the Beacon Postscript

You know what sucks? The battery for my Blackberry, which seems to have zero ability to hold onto juice nowadays. Anyway, here's what you missed after my liveblogging went dark last night:

-Lions Fight Team rep Niko Tsigaras, who went all "Nick Diaz" on Sitan Gym rep Tim Amorim, and began mixing in taunts with his wild flurries. It was pretty entertaining, but a bloodied Amorim kept his cool and employed just enough Muay Thai technique (knees and clinchwork) to eke out the majority decision.

-Camp Undefeated's Ariel Abreu, who exhausted himself slugging Black & Blue MMA's James Harmony, but did enough in the first to rounds to garner the decision.

-Jose Cruz of Sitan Gym, who moves and fights like a genuine Thai but is so white he's practically clear. He was calm and razor-sharp in his decision win over Mushin MMA's Joey Hernandez.

-The back-and-forth contest between Mushin MMA's Sean Hinds and Fairtex's Doug Edwards. It was close, but Hinds edged out the decision.

-Turan Hasanov of Fight Factory and Eddie Martinez of Sitan Gym really went out for what was, what? Their eleventh rematch? Anyway, Martinez had superior Muay Thai technique and was using it to out-point his foe in Rounds 1 and 3, but in Round 2 Hasanov very nearly destroyed him with a stunning fist to the chops. It's a miracle Martinez made it out of the round, and the resulting majority draw was definitely warranted.

-Sitan Gym's Jay Matias has got some serious surgical precision to his game, and that - coupled with his unflappable demeanor - had him smashing CSC Virginia's Brandon Mickens to the canvas and taking Micken's lightweight belt with a TKO/doctor's stoppage (Mickens had a wicked cut above his nose).

-Team Renzo's Elijah Clarke put in a workhorse-like performance against an overmatched Andy Bellenger of CMA Georgia, battering Bellenger for the decision.

-Superior handspeed and superior kicks - that was the story behind Sitan Gym rep's Omar Ahmed destruction of Nisvet Sivac of Harlem Gym Holland. Ahmed, who won TakeOn's eight-man tournament last year, took the decision this time around.

-It wasn't a good night for returning champ Gaius Ebratt of Five Points Academy. First, he ran into Nick Vaughn of the Wat. Then, he got his ass kicked. Round 1 saw Ebratt knocked down at the bell, and the slobberknocker continued all the way through the fifth round. Vaughn took the decision and his belt.

-Crowd-favorite Andy Singh of Pin-Point MMA likes to throw flying knees like confetti, but it was his endurance and ability to score through the later rounds that had him taking the majority decision over Eric Riuz of PMA.