Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Alvarez Out of "War at the Shore"; Who Could Be a Viable Replacement on Short Notice?

No one.

MMA Journalist's Best of 2008 Awards

The year 2008 is now on for the history books, so it's time for MMA Journalist's best of 2008 awards. Thanks to everyone who sent in email votes, and no, UFaberFangurl13, I won't leave my wife for you. Without further ado, the list:
  • Best Organization to Die a Miserable Death - EliteXC, come on down! You are the next contestant on, "We Had So Much Potential and Squandered It!" Weee!
  • Best Embarassment to the Sport - Little Jared Shaw. Ugh.
  • Best Episode of Narcolepsy - Chuck Liddel's prolonged nap at the end of his UFC 88 bout against Rashad Evans. Has anyone seen an interview with him since? I think he's still sleeping.
  • Best Abuser of Ripped Fuel and other Training Supplements - Paulo Filho. Dude, I like ephedra as much as the next guy, but there comes a time when you have to say, "No thanks. I think I'll just slam 20 Redbulls instead."
  • Best Mythical Monster Debunked as Merely a Steroid User - Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva. Sorry man, but you're not real.
  • Best Entourage That Will Threaten Your Opponent if You Lose - Kimbo Slice's peeps. Seth Petruzelli is still in hiding.
  • Best Tattoo of a Dingling on a Fighter's Chest - Randy Couture. Haha, just kidding.