Monday, November 3, 2008

Chris Leben Tests Positive For White Trashiness

UFC 89 main eventer Chris Leben, who turned in a gutsy performance against Michael Bisping at the October 18th UK event despite losing a unanimous decision, has tested positive for white trashiness according to reports. Although he was sporting cornrows and spending an inordinate amount of time in trailer parks, Leben's positive test results comes as a surprise to many - especially to those who had believed his claims that he'd given up manufacturing crystal meth and had gotten his life back on track. "We're disappointed in Chris," said UFC Chief Welfare Check Co-Signer Dana White. "He's apologized and taken responsibility for his actions, but we don't tolerate any white trash in the UFC." As punishment, Leben faces a nine-month suspension, a substantial fine, and must subsist on food stamps.

Shane Ott Still Hanging in There

MMA Journalist just received this email from Tina Sieracki, a friend of Shane Ott's and his family: "Please correct your blog on Shane. He is very much still alive, although in critical but stable condition. He is still alive and fighting for his life." This is, of course, fantastic news, and according to Sieracki, Ott's family is by his side. She adds: "He has a large group of close friends pulling for him and he is in each and every one of our thoughts at this time." Shane, MMA Journalist is pulling for you.

Rest In Peace Shane Ott (Update: See Above)

Shane Ott, a Combat in the Cage champ and IFL competitor, was in a motorcycle accident yesterday and died from his injuries. He was 36-years-old. Ott last fought in March at BCX 4, where he lost via TKO to Carlton Haselrig, but he was always considered one of the East Coast's most-dangerous heavyweights - and with unstoppable takedowns, fierce ground-and-pound, and a plethora of tattoos covering his body, he definitely looked the part. Ott was, however, extremely friendly and approachable, and when asked what it was like to fight in the IFL in only his second professional bout, he would not hesitate in describing how happy it made him to have made his young son so proud. Shane Ott, you will be missed. (Update: see "Shane Ott Still Hanging in There.)