Tuesday, March 20, 2007

D’Auguste Retains Belt - Issues Challenge to Tara LaRosa

*originally published in Aug '06 on fullcontactfighter.com*

(August 18th, Atlantic City, New Jersey) It ended with a fractured forearm, most likely the result of a failed throw but indicative of a dominant performance nonetheless. One round was all it took for Team Tiger Schulmann superstar Laura D’Auguste to stave off Japanese challenger and SmackGirl fighter Megumi Yabushita - just one round to punish and counter almost everything, and show she still has the skills to be top dog. And while Ring of Combat 11 saw a number of exciting bouts end in dramatic fashion here at the Tropicana Casino, it was really all about the best female fighter in the world defending her belt against the only woman willing to step up. Other highlights of the night included:

  • The 26-second long face-punching party between Team Endgame’s Sean McCann and Scott Conlon, which ended with Conlon stunned on the canvas.
  • Team Shamrock’s Andrew Montanez and his come-from-behind win over Steve McCabe. McCabe punished the hell out of Montanez, but one mistake and Montanez was choking him out.
  • D’Auguste’s battle against Yabushita. With punches allowed on the ground, D’Auguste made Yabushita realize pretty quickly that Ring of Combat is no ‘SmackGirl’.


Joe Bentz (Fight Factory-153lbs) vs. Rich Boine (TSK-159lbs)

Boine via ref stop due to unanswered strikes at 1:00 of Round Two.

Scott Conlon (Alternative Fitness-207lbs) vs. Sean McCann (Endgame-199lbs)

McCann via KO at :26 of the first round.

Stephane Cloud (Real Combat-184lbs) vs. Tenyeh Dixon (Ground Control-185lbs)

Dixon via rear choke at 1:50 of the first round.

Steve McCabe (Fight Factory-165lbs) vs. Andrew Montanez (Team Shamrock-171lbs)

Montanez via rear choke at 1:40 of the second round.

Dave Rose (Eternal Martial Arts-178lbs) vs. Radji Bryson-Barrett (TSK-184lbs)

Bryson-Barrett via ref stop due to unanswered strikes at 1:11 of Round One.

Tom Pursell (Team Propain-183lbs) vs. Joe Thompson (Full Circle Jiu-Jitsu-187lbs)

Pursell via ref stop due to unanswered strikes at :21 of Round One.

Dave Drago (Team Drago-173lbs) vs. Phillipe Nover (UDS/Soca-172lbs)

Nover via rear choke at 1:58 of the first round.

Ring of Combat Woman’s Championship

Laura D’Auguste (TSK-132lbs) vs. Megumi Yabushita (135lbs)

D’Auguste via TKO - Yabushita could not answer the bell for the second round due to a fractured forearm.

Ring of Combat 160-Pound Championship

Israel Gomes (Muay Thai Dream Team-161lbs) vs. Adriano De Lima Pereira (BTT/Memphis Judo&Jiu-Jitsu-160lbs)

Pereira via rear choke at 1:47 of the first round.

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