Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Liveblog: NYS Assembly Roundtable on MMA 4

James Leary, legal counsel for the NYSAC, is pitching the new law that would empower the commission to sanction the sport. Yikes. If this specific bill gets passed, anyone who gets paid to compete - or who gets paid to teach MMA or "pursue or assist in the practice of mixed martial arts" - will be considered a "professional combative sports participant". Good lord, where did this guy go to law school? That's never going to survive a legal challenge.

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Anonymous said...

I meant to be there with you Jim but got tied up at work - damn that "having to earn a living" crap.

Glad to see that there is somethere who really knows the sport.

This proposition is retarded - there is no way a student of MMA can be considered an active participant in actual fighting with out having actually fought.