Saturday, February 7, 2009

Liveblog: Return of Macaco Part 2

Production values look pretty high, with extra lighting surrounding the cage, a live Internet broadcast and veteran promoter Ed Hsu on the mic as one of the commentators. I'd also like to add that the event is sponsored by Shabazz Fruit Cola. Try Shabazz Fruit Cola, for all your fruit cola needs. Things are about to get underway. The Garv is in the cage asking for a ten-count moment of silence for Helio Gracie. Anthony Montanaro vs. Marcus Rodrigues is up first, with Montanaro hailing from Pitts Penn and Rodrigues fresh from the favela and full of Portuguese curse words. Wowsers, Montanaro is looking awesome in there, confounding the Brazilian's takedowns, stunning him with knees and peppering him with punches. Round 1 ends with Rodrigues on top though, and Rodrigues gets him down early in the second and pounds on him for the duration. Round 3 is all stand-up, with both men scoring sporadically and both men kicking each other in the groin. The unanimous decision is awarded to Rodrigues when time runs out. Man, you've got to love this raucous Brazilian crowd. They're turning what would normally be a moderate fight card into an impassioned night of combat.

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