Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Few Gems From Assemblyman Bob Reilly's Anti-MMA Memo

New York State Assemblyman Bob Reilly, the most vocal and most ill-informed of the opposition to legalizing MMA in New York, sent around a memo called "The Case Against Ultimate Fighting in New York State". In it he asks that people ignore the studies showing that MMA would bring revenue to the state and instead believe his reasoning that it would hurt New York's economy, and he decries the impact more violence would have on our society. It's 24 pages long - all of it drivel - and here are a few gems:
  • "Some 13 deaths have been reported prior to the organization of the sport into the current franchises and the establishment of the present rules".
  • "It is indisputable that according to the rules themselves inflicting injury on an opponent rather than a demonstration of skill is the primary criteria for ultimate fighting."
  • "An example of how violence begets violence are the threats made to the author due to his opposition to the sport. Assembly staff deemed it necessary to report some of the threats to his physical well being to the New York State Police. While legislators routinely receive objectives to various proposed legislation, the reaction from constituents and the general public rarely approaches the vileness of some of the email and blog messages directed at the author in 'support' of ultimate fighting."
  • "Dana White is the President of the UFC and the major force behind attempting to legalize ultimate fighting in New York State. What he predicts for the future of ultimate fighting should be a warning for all who would legalize it: 'I eat, sleep, breathe and live mixed martial arts. I love this shit. It's what I do, but look, at the moment this thing we have is really pure. It's not all fucking dirty like boxing. I know that day is coming."

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