Sunday, April 12, 2009

Observations From My Couch: Strikeforce's "Shamrock vs. Diaz"

  • I liked EliteXC and thought the organization was a solid alternative to the UFC brand. Strikeforce is ten times better.
  • There was absolutely no shame in Abongo Humphrey's performance. He managed to hang in there with a super-dangerous Brett Rogers. As for Rogers, it's a crime he's been sidelined so long. He could've been knocking out UFC heavyweights all this time.
  • Cris Cyborg looked good beating on someone not even remotely her size. Gina Carano is going to kill her.
  • Benji Radach vs. Scott Smith was an incredible bout and a candidate for "fight of the year". Warriors like these two men are what MMA is all about. I guarantee Dana White watched that fight, dialed Joe Silva's number and cursed him out for ever letting Radach and Smith go.
  • Gilbert Melendez. Meh.
  • When he's healthy, and he doesn't have to cut a retarded amount of weight, Nick Diaz is one of the best in the world. No doubt about it.

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