Thursday, May 21, 2009

Point/Counterpoint: The Country Breakfast vs. The Spaghetti Dinner

Point: The Country Breakfast- Woo-wee do you have a hard day on the farm ahead of you! Already you've cleaned out the hen house and fed the pigs, but now that the sun is up you have plenty of other chores to take care of - like milking the cows and chopping some fire wood. So why don't you sit right down over there and dig into that fresh stack of steaming pancakes. Want some maple syrup with that? Here, eat some of these sausage links and bacon strips, too. Also, don't forget to change the hay in the horse barn, and I believe the new parts for the combine have arrived at the general store in town, so don't forget to pick those up. Care for a bowl of oatmeal? There's sliced banana mixed in there. And have some of these scrambled eggs - they're a little runny, which is just how you like them. Did you hear that tree go down in the storm last night? It sounded like it was along the northern edge of the property, and if it fell and busted up the fence, well, that fence is going to need fixin' or else them sheep'll get out. Why don't you check on that, too? But first, I have a waffle and some biscuits ready for you. Eat up, boy!

Counterpoint: The Spaghetti Dinner- Bonjourno! How nice of you to drop by! I heard you were coming so I laid out a nice antipasti. It's got your favorite - melon wrapped in prosciutto - and when you finish with that there's some fried calamari with marinara. Mange! Mange! You look so thin these days. Are you getting enough to eat? Here, have some spaghetti - al dente, just how you like it. And here, have two-three meatballs. Mama-mia, those meatballs are good! Three kinds of meat in there, with garlic and basil and just the right amount of love! Mwah! Here, have some escarole with that. It's good for you. And when you're done, I've got some cannolis in the ice box. That's-a my boy!

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