Monday, May 4, 2009

Toby Frickin' Imada

On Friday night's Bellator FC, lifelong journeyman Toby Imada catapulted himself into the major leagues with a never-before-seen inverted upside-down triangle choke that left top ten lightweight Jorge Masvidal tumbling to the mat unconscious. How huge an upset was that? About as big an upset as when that iceberg defeated the Titanic via TKO back in 1912. For two and a half rounds Imada got the worst of the stand-up exchanges, and as expected Masvidal was cruising into his slot in the finals, where he'd be facing Eddie Alvarez at a later date. Now, with that "submission of the year" candidate, it's going to be Imada versus Alvarez in a Bellator FC lightweight tournament finale that's suddenly been infused with storyline and drama. Woot!

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garth2 said...

This is about the same level upset, in my book, as the GFSOAT, the flying scissor heel hook Chonan flipped on Anderson Silva. The parallels are pretty tight: guy's getting beat down for 90% of the fight, looking like he's on his last legs, then BLAMMO, sub, out. God jiu jitsu is cool